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DC Womens Rebound High TX Skate Shoe-w Black/Poppy Red 066D2DpZJg DC Womens Rebound High TX Skate Shoe-w Black/Poppy Red 066D2DpZJg DC Womens Rebound High TX Skate Shoe-w Black/Poppy Red 066D2DpZJg DC Womens Rebound High TX Skate Shoe-w Black/Poppy Red 066D2DpZJg DC Womens Rebound High TX Skate Shoe-w Black/Poppy Red 066D2DpZJg
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What Does Statistically Significant Mean?

by Jeff Sauro | October 21, 2014

Statistically significant.

It’s a phrase that’s packed with both meaning, and syllables. It’s hard to say and harder to understand.

Yet it’s one of the most common phrases heard when dealing with quantitative methods.

While the phrase statistically significant represents the result of a rational exercise with numbers, it has a way of evoking as much emotion. Bewilderment, resentment, confusion and even arrogance (for those in the know).

I’ve unpacked the most important concepts to help you the next time you hear the phrase.

Not Due to Chance

In principle, a statistically significant result (usually a difference) is a result that’s not attributed to chance.

More technically, it means that if the Null Hypothesis is true (which means there really is no difference), there’s a low probability of getting a result that large or larger.

Statisticians get really picky about the definition of statistical significance, and use confusing jargon to build a complicated definition. While it’s important to be clear on what statistical significance means technically, it’s just as important to be clear on what it means practically.

Consider these two important factors.

What it Means in Practice

Let’s look at a common scenario of A/B testing with, say, 435 users. During a week, they are randomly served either website landing page A or website landing page B.

Do we have evidence that future users will click on landing page A more often than on landing page B? Can we reliably attribute the 5-percentage-point difference in click-through rates to the effectiveness of one landing page over the other, or is this random noise?

How Do We Get Statistical Significance?

The test we use to detect statistical difference depends on our metric type and on whether we’re comparing the same users (within subjects) or different users (between subjects) on the designs. To compare two conversion rates in an A/B test, as we’re doing here, we use a test of two proportions on different users (between subjects). These can be computed using the Georgia Mens 8 Steel Toe Waterproof LacetoToe Work BootGBOT078 W12 O3CGu5gd
or downloadable Excel calculator .

Below is a screenshot of the results using the A/B test calculator

To determine whether the observed difference is statistically significant, we look at two outputs of our statistical test:

What it Doesn’t Mean

Statistical significance does not mean practical significance.

The word “significance” in everyday usage connotes consequence and noteworthiness.

Just because you get a low p-value and conclude a difference is statistically significant, doesn’t mean the difference will automatically be important. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the words Sir Ronald Fisher used when describing the method of statistical testing.

To declare practical significance, we need to determine whether the size of the difference is meaningful. In our conversion example, one landing page is generating more than twice as many conversions as the other. This is a relatively large difference for A/B testing, so in most cases, this statistical difference has practical significance as well. The lower boundary of the confidence interval around the difference also leads us to expect at LEAST a 1% improvement. Whether that’s enough to have a practical (or a meaningful) impact on sales or website experience depends on the context.

Sample Size

As we might expect, the likelihood of obtaining statistically significant results increases as our sample size increases. For example, in analyzing the conversion rates of a high-traffic ecommerce website, two-thirds of users saw the current ad that was being tested and the other third saw the new ad.

The difference in conversion rates is statistically significant (p = 0.039) but, at 0.0006%, tiny, and likely of no practical significance. However, since the new ad now exists, and since a modest increase is better than none, we might as well use it (oh and just in case you thought a lot of people clicked on ads, let this remind you of how they don’t!)

Conversely, small sample sizes (say fewer than 50 users) make it harder to find statistical significance; but when we do find statistical significance with small sample sizes, the differences are large and more likely to drive action.

Some standardized methods express differences, called effect sizes , which help us interpret the size of the difference. Here, too, the context determines whether the difference warrants action.

Conclusion and Summary

Here’s a recap of statistical significance:

Now say statistically significant three times fast.

: The blue bar shows 5% difference. The black line shows the boundaries of the 95% confidence interval around the difference. Because the lower boundary is above 0%, we can also be 95% confident the difference is AT LEAST 0–another indication of statistical significance.

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Cole and Alden's first encounter with one another.

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Cole made his way through the makeshift town, fending off the incoming transients as he made his way through. After navigating to the very top-most part of the town while following Alden's echo, Cole managed to make his way to the open terrace leading into the transient's tower . As Cole was about to make his way there, the only path leading to it was barricaded by fire, and was guarded by a Golem Conduit . Despite the supposed disadvantage, Cole managed to overcome the conduit, though by the time he did, the police have already arrested Alden, and were moving him to Eagle Point Penitentiary for the FBI to extract him. Cole immediately left the area to go meet up at the facility.

Cole, looking at Zeke after his blunder.

Cole was greeted by Zeke, who was helping out the cops with their business. Cole was tasked with guarding the fence as Alden was being transferred to a different cell. After a successful defense, the facility was attacked by a large group of transients. As Cole and the cops fended them off, the generator holding Alden's power back ran out of power, due to some transients' meddling with it on the roof. Cole dealt with them and immediately returned to the open field and help the cops defend the facility. [2]

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